OK, so you're wondering who is "Dakota" and what does "dejeuner" mean? And, what exactly is in this all natural homemade dog food?

Well, "Dakota" is my 3 year old Chinook (sled dog)who has been one of my greatest teachers. "Dejeuner" means lunch in French. I am a francophile that loves animals and is passionate about health.

I have based my all natural homemade dog food on Dr. Pitcairn's recipes from his most widely read book Dr. Pitcairn's Complete Guide to Natural Health for Dogs and Cats. This is a healthier option than just commercial dry kibble and it can help you
transition your dog (or cat!) to a raw diet if you decide that it is right for your pet. Experts in the health and holistic field of animal nutrition have suggested that a raw diet is the best for your pet. Common allergies are prevalent these days due to un-natural ingredients in pet food. And, for dogs, a raw diet imitates what their wolf ancestors ate in the wild.

The reason I started this business is that 2 years ago, Dakota was having an upset stomach, scratching and having diarrhea problems. He had these problems often enough that other dog owner friends of mine noticed it, too. I had been to a conventional vet many times and I decided to try someone different. I went to a holistic vet who recommended changing Dakota's diet first before doing any homeopathy or serious testing. After 3 days, he was feeling better, seemed more perky with bright dancing eyes and was back to his playful self. I continued the home-cooked raw meat diet and I was hooked, as was he. I cannot imagine feeding him anything else.

Now, it did take some time to switch him over to the home-cooked meat diet. Like you must always do in switching pet food, you must do it very slowly. What Dakota now gets for a meal is half Wysong Anergen (for pets prone to allergic reactions) "dry" kibble and half of the all natural homemade dog food which is "wet."

I look forward to helping you feed your pet what's best for them.